Wedding in the Adirondack Mountains

Alyssa and Cameron always knew each other growing up – but always only as neighbors. Years later, on a beautiful summer day, Cameron’s mother says: “Cameron, why don’t you go talk to Alyssa? She’s such a nice girl! And she’s just across the street…” That day, Cameron decided to listen to his mother (yay!). The conversation with Alyssa led up to a dinner date, followed by a movie. Fast forward to only a few weeks ago, we filmed their wedding! Congratulations! Also: thanks mom!

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Alyssa and Cameron got married in a small town of Inlet, New York, surrounded by the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. Alyssa spent her childhood vacations here with her family. It made a perfect wedding location and added ever more nostalgia and emotional memories to the place.

The bride and the groom got ready in separate cabins. They only saw each other for the first time at the ceremony. Alyssa’s brother was the officiant. Many of the guests got teary-eyed as Alyssa and Cameron made their heart-felt vows. During the cocktail hour we were all wooed by amazing views of Fulton Chain Lake.

As it goes with weddings, the day went by in a blink of an eye. The day ended with the most beautiful sunset, as the sun nestled itself into the lake, into the mountains, into many hearts and memories. Good thing we captured it all on our cameras! Watch how we made Alyssa’s and Cameron’s wedding day last forever here.

Having a wedding video, the most beautiful day of your lives will never end. It will melt your heart over and over, every time you watch it.

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"Fly on the Wall"

Fly on the wall. At your wedding. We can make that happen! Uh? Let us explain.

‘Fly on the wall’ is a style of cinematography where the camera crew is as unobtrusive as humanly possible, and they seem to be - you guessed it right - just a fly on the wall. You might have also heard of this film-making technique under a perhaps more distinguished term ‘Direct Cinema’. Films made this way became very popular in the early 1960s. This is the way documentaries are sometimes made. Documentary filmmakers don’t tell anybody what to do or what to say. They just capture what’s happening before their eyes, and then connect all the pieces together to create a powerful film. 

groom crying.jpg

We at River Story Weddings have mastered the “fly on the wall” style over the years of working in wedding industry. There are various types of wedding videography styles out there – depending on what the newlyweds-to-be want. Of course, there is going to be a little bit of “now you kiss her on her forehead and look dreamily into the distance”. But for the most part, we’ll work as the said fly on the wall: we’ll capture all the little and big moments happening at your wedding day without being in anybody’s way. Then, we’ll masterfully edit the “look dreamily into your future together” in that colorful whirlwind of ‘this happened here’ and ‘this happened there’. Say, your grandparents might decide to only dance once. Or, the husband-to-be might get emotional while getting ready with his boys. Without a videographer, you’d never get to see any of it. But don’t worry, you won’t even notice we’re there. We at River Story Weddings work as a fly on the wall.

When you’ll watch your wedding video for the very first time, you’ll be enchanted. And that feeling never really goes away. It’s yours forever to keep – ehm – to watch.

To view some of our videos in this style click here

How to make your wedding look like it does in the movies!

More and more people are interested in getting video for their wedding day. Photography is usually the first choice when it comes to preserving your wedding day for ever. Pictures are wonderful. You can’t frame a video and hang it on a wall, right? But, life is not only still images and staged family portraits. It’s you, the person you’re getting married to today and your family and friends enjoying the most beautiful day of your life, right there, moment by moment. You’ll get to see your future wife or husband getting ready. Maybe they were little nervous. Maybe they said something super sweet to their mom or dad. The video will capture the wedding day, with more than you realized there was to it.

When looking for your wedding videographer, you probably watched some BEAUTIFUL wedding videos. Like, Martha Stewart Weddings kind of perfection. You want that for yourself. We’ll let you in on some of our tricks how to make that happen:



1.  Amazing color

Probably the most important thing when it comes to a professional looking video is the color. Have you ever watched a video and thought: “Wow, this film looks so pretty!” The light and colors just charmed you. There is a whole science to making the color look right. We can bring out the beautiful colors of your bouquet and flower decorations, or enhance the blue of the sky, while keeping things looking natural (color grading makes skin look really pretty!). 




2. Camera movement

Camera movement makes the video look so much more alive! Some videographers tend to film only static shots – put the camera on a tripod, and let it film whatever happens in front of it. But, just like with photographs, that’s not how we experience and see life. We look around, we walk, skip and dance through life – and especially on a wedding day! We at River Story Weddings like to make our videos so they resemble the real thing – life, and more.


3. Sound

Can you hear what is your uncle saying in his toast? Making video is more technical than it might seem. A good videographer stays on top of his camera, or two, and a whole set of audio equipment. You want to make sure you hear the ceremony, vows and speeches, but maybe not so much of plates and glasses being cleared off the tables. A great soundtrack to a wedding has multiple levels of sound - the birds chirping, the music flowing, or your vows during the wedding ceremony. It is a mastery (and lot of fun!) layering and balancing all these sounds together, so they create a pleasant harmony of sounds.


4. Editing

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Video editing is the unseen art. It’s what happens with the footage after your big day is over. Hours-long raw footage is masterfully transformed into a fairy-tale wedding film you’ve always dreamt of. A great video keeps you hooked to the very end. It has flawless cuts and sound.




Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. So, when the big day finally arrives, remember to enjoy it to it’s fullest. You’ve been planning this day to it’s perfection probably for months by now (and some of us have been secretly planning it our whole life in their heads, psst!). Now, your wedding day is here. Forget all the planning, organizing and making sure everything is taken care of. Everything IS taken care of. You have fun. And, when you get a chance, and get couple seconds to stop – do stop – and look up to the sky and savor the moment. The sweet smells of flowers and delicious foods, the warmth of sun on your face, laughter of people who love you so much, and they are all here with you on the most wonderful day of your life. Remember the color of the sky on your wedding day. Take it all in.


The day’s going to go by faster than you can imagine. But don’t worry. All this is going to be recorded and mastered into a perfection of a wedding film. Whenever you sit down to watch it, you’ll be right there in that moment: taking a sweet, deep breath, surrounded by all the wedding happiness, looking up to the blue sky. Countless times, for as long as you live – whenever you press ‘play’.

This is the magic of a wedding video.  


Why is the Hudson Valley a great place to get married?

The Hudson Valley has many things to offer if you decide to get married here. Let’s try and just name a handful of reasons.


1. It’s beautiful!


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 11.38.39 AM copy.jpg

The Hudson Valley is so beautiful during all four seasons. In spring, everything starts afresh and the valley blooms with fresh flowers and birds sing their happy songs. In summer, the whole valley is in a vacation mood, people from all around visit local breweries and wineries and enjoy late afternoon barbeques with family and friends. During fall, apple orchards and farms are the places to be. Are you longing for a secluded, romantic walk with a loved one? Take a long walk surrounded by colorful foliage of the valley (especially beautiful near the river and lakes!). In winter you can ski in luxurious mountain resorts offering first-class services and enjoy quiet, warm evenings in a cabin or a mountain lodge. The Hudson Valley will charm you with its breath-taking sceneries of mountains, valleys, lakes and the Hudson river all year round. The most difficult task: choosing the most beautiful season for your wedding!


2. Amazing Venues


Whether it is a farm wedding in a small town of Hudson, New York or a traditional wedding on the riverfront venue in Poughkeepsie, New York… there is a venue for any kind of wedding you dream of! Farms, orchards, vineyards, lakes and riverfronts – it’s all here. Many New York City residents choose the Hudson Valley for their wedding – it’s only an hour drive north from the city, but offers destination-wedding-like sceneries and luxury services. Check out our list of farm wedding venues here.


3. Incredibly talented vendors



There is a large array of talented vendors that live and work in the Hudson Valley. These vendors can be very helpful in recommending other local wedding businesses and professionals. Florists, disk jockeys, photographers and of course videographers! Have a question or need a recommendation? Shoot us a message! The Hudson Valley is your one stop shop for everything you need for your wedding.



4.  History



There is so much history here! Why does this matter for your wedding, do you ask? The great masters and thinkers of our time made this place their home for a reason! Franklin Roosevelt or the Vanderbilts, and many of the Hudson river school artists loved the valley. If you are still not convinced, visit for a weekend – and you’ll fall in love with the Hudson Valley, guaranteed!


What is RAW footage?

Raw footage is the unedited footage captured while shooting.

Why would you want this footage? Well, it is nice to see everything we captured during your day. Has your uncle or aunt ever recorded you on their old VHS camera in the ‘90s? The raw footage is sort of like that, but professionally shot. 

Below is an example of RAW footage

Above you will see the guests of the wedding looking for their seats. The shots are long, sometimes out of focus and slightly shaky.

The nature of a live event is unexpected. Things happen that you don't know will happen, but a professional videographer will be able to capture these events in the best possible way. He will be able to capture all of these moments. Maybe your little nephew is doing a little dance in the corner or your uncle said something hilarious? A great videographer captures moments that you have forgotten or didn't even see because you were too busy talking to everyone. And with editing, the video becomes something amazing! 

Click here to watch the edited video of the example we used above.


Hudson Valley Farm Wedding Spots

The Hudson Valley is filled with beautiful vistas and spots to go hiking and have fun. It's also a popular place for destination weddings! Here is a list of a few farm wedding spots that provide a beautiful setting for that fabulous rustic wedding!


1. Liberty View Farm

Liberty View Farm is located in Highland, New York only a few minutes from the Mid-Hudson bridge. The Shawangunk Mountain Ridge is a magnificent backdrop for your wedding and also provides great photo opportunities for some sunset photographs. Check out our video here to see this beautiful farm!



2. Pioneer Farm

Great destination wedding idea! Located in the quaint little village of Warwick. This farm has over 140 acres of farmland and is surrounded by gorgeous hills.  It is one of the oldest family dairy farms in the Hudson Valley. Only a 45 minute drive from New York City! Enjoy a fairy tale wedding, but be back home before midnight! 


3. Owls Hoot Barn

This barn wedding venue is located in Coxsackie, New York about 2 hours from the Big Apple. In spring time the area explodes with colorful flowers. Take a romantic walk by a creek lined with willow trees for the most beautiful photoshoot. This farm features a 1800’s Dutch barn and and complex of smaller barns. Beautiful location!


4. Roxbury Barn

The Roxbury Barn is located in the town of Roxbury, New York.  It is a truly beautiful wedding location! The wedding ceremonies are performed in a charming little forest. Roxbury barn offers homey historic house where the whole bridal party can get ready, a beautifully decorated rustic barn for your reception, and a tent on the top of a hill for a cocktail hour. Would you like to finish your day with a bonfire? Anything is possible here at the Roxbury Barn! Check out our video from Roxbury Barn here



5. Crested Hen Farms

Crested Hen Farms is about 90 minutes by car from New York City, located at the base of Mohonk Mountain. The farm is nestled in the middle of 32+ acres encompassing both sides of Rondout village. It’s the ideal site for a sophisticated and elegant wedding in the midst of nature. Located in High Falls, New York. 


5 things to look for when booking your wedding videographer

1. Are they local? 

Hiring a local videographer or a company has many perks. They know their region much better than someone outside of the area, and they can be valuable help when looking for additional services for your big day. Forget Google. Ask your local videographer! They’ve been doing this for a while now and know all the local wedding planners, photographers or DJs, and also have shot in many of the local wedding venues and will recommend several – only the best, because we all want to show off! - based on what you want. Ask the local pro - you’ll get a better product in the end.


2. Meet them before you book.

Meeting your potential videographer before you book is important. Meet the person who will shoot your wedding in person, or talk to them on Skype, and ask all the questions you may have. You probably watched all their previous wedding videos already and like them - now it’s time to get a sense of what the person behind all this is like, and how open are they to your demands and suggestions. By the end of the meeting you’ll have pretty good idea whether you want this person or company to be there on your big day.


3. Film Backups


Does the videographer hold on to my videos? What if something awful happens to all my DVDs or my computer where I stored my wedding film? Make sure the videographer has a master file of all the videos he / she has ever shot, or has the video posted on film websites like vimeo or youtube, where you can easily access it. If something unfortunate happens to your copy of the wedding film, or you just want additional thirty DVDs to give to all your aunties, and your videographer still has the footage, hakuna matata, ask away, they’ll be happy to make you more copies!


4. Video vs Photography

You hired a photographer. Yay! Why would you even need a videographer then? Louise, a bride whose wedding we filmed last year worded it wonderfully: “The day came, a beautiful swirl of happiness and emotions, and it went by so fast I wished we could do it once again... Days later, we received our wedding film. How surprised we were when we watched it! It captured moments I personally didn’t even notice happening because I was just so busy being a bride, and it made us re-live that most precious day of our lives!” There are so many beautiful or funny moments that you might miss because you are just so present in the moment, and simply just can’t be everywhere at the same time. A great videographer will capture all the smiles and happy tears you might otherwise not get to see. Pictures remind you of moments, wonderful! But a film brings your wedding day back to life, no matter how many times you watched it.


5. What style of videography do they have?


The most important thing at last! Does your potential wedding videographer make wedding films that are cinematic pieces of art filled with emotions, or does he / she make something more of a documentary? Or a mix of both? Watch their sample videos to see if their style matches what you are looking for - if you like their previous videos, chances are you’ll love yours, too. You don’t want to end up with a cheap-looking lame music video. Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel like you. If you have a specific idea of what your video should look like, ask for it. A good videographer will be open to any suggestions.