Why is the Hudson Valley a great place to get married?

The Hudson Valley has many things to offer if you decide to get married here. Let’s try and just name a handful of reasons.


1. It’s beautiful!


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The Hudson Valley is so beautiful during all four seasons. In spring, everything starts afresh and the valley blooms with fresh flowers and birds sing their happy songs. In summer, the whole valley is in a vacation mood, people from all around visit local breweries and wineries and enjoy late afternoon barbeques with family and friends. During fall, apple orchards and farms are the places to be. Are you longing for a secluded, romantic walk with a loved one? Take a long walk surrounded by colorful foliage of the valley (especially beautiful near the river and lakes!). In winter you can ski in luxurious mountain resorts offering first-class services and enjoy quiet, warm evenings in a cabin or a mountain lodge. The Hudson Valley will charm you with its breath-taking sceneries of mountains, valleys, lakes and the Hudson river all year round. The most difficult task: choosing the most beautiful season for your wedding!


2. Amazing Venues


Whether it is a farm wedding in a small town of Hudson, New York or a traditional wedding on the riverfront venue in Poughkeepsie, New York… there is a venue for any kind of wedding you dream of! Farms, orchards, vineyards, lakes and riverfronts – it’s all here. Many New York City residents choose the Hudson Valley for their wedding – it’s only an hour drive north from the city, but offers destination-wedding-like sceneries and luxury services. Check out our list of farm wedding venues here.


3. Incredibly talented vendors



There is a large array of talented vendors that live and work in the Hudson Valley. These vendors can be very helpful in recommending other local wedding businesses and professionals. Florists, disk jockeys, photographers and of course videographers! Have a question or need a recommendation? Shoot us a message! The Hudson Valley is your one stop shop for everything you need for your wedding.



4.  History



There is so much history here! Why does this matter for your wedding, do you ask? The great masters and thinkers of our time made this place their home for a reason! Franklin Roosevelt or the Vanderbilts, and many of the Hudson river school artists loved the valley. If you are still not convinced, visit for a weekend – and you’ll fall in love with the Hudson Valley, guaranteed!