What is RAW footage?

Raw footage is the unedited footage captured while shooting.

Why would you want this footage? Well, it is nice to see everything we captured during your day. Has your uncle or aunt ever recorded you on their old VHS camera in the ‘90s? The raw footage is sort of like that, but professionally shot. 

Below is an example of RAW footage

Above you will see the guests of the wedding looking for their seats. The shots are long, sometimes out of focus and slightly shaky.

The nature of a live event is unexpected. Things happen that you don't know will happen, but a professional videographer will be able to capture these events in the best possible way. He will be able to capture all of these moments. Maybe your little nephew is doing a little dance in the corner or your uncle said something hilarious? A great videographer captures moments that you have forgotten or didn't even see because you were too busy talking to everyone. And with editing, the video becomes something amazing! 

Click here to watch the edited video of the example we used above.