"Fly on the Wall"

Fly on the wall. At your wedding. We can make that happen! Uh? Let us explain.

‘Fly on the wall’ is a style of cinematography where the camera crew is as unobtrusive as humanly possible, and they seem to be - you guessed it right - just a fly on the wall. You might have also heard of this film-making technique under a perhaps more distinguished term ‘Direct Cinema’. Films made this way became very popular in the early 1960s. This is the way documentaries are sometimes made. Documentary filmmakers don’t tell anybody what to do or what to say. They just capture what’s happening before their eyes, and then connect all the pieces together to create a powerful film. 

groom crying.jpg

We at River Story Weddings have mastered the “fly on the wall” style over the years of working in wedding industry. There are various types of wedding videography styles out there – depending on what the newlyweds-to-be want. Of course, there is going to be a little bit of “now you kiss her on her forehead and look dreamily into the distance”. But for the most part, we’ll work as the said fly on the wall: we’ll capture all the little and big moments happening at your wedding day without being in anybody’s way. Then, we’ll masterfully edit the “look dreamily into your future together” in that colorful whirlwind of ‘this happened here’ and ‘this happened there’. Say, your grandparents might decide to only dance once. Or, the husband-to-be might get emotional while getting ready with his boys. Without a videographer, you’d never get to see any of it. But don’t worry, you won’t even notice we’re there. We at River Story Weddings work as a fly on the wall.

When you’ll watch your wedding video for the very first time, you’ll be enchanted. And that feeling never really goes away. It’s yours forever to keep – ehm – to watch.

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