5 things to look for when booking your wedding videographer

1. Are they local? 

Hiring a local videographer or a company has many perks. They know their region much better than someone outside of the area, and they can be valuable help when looking for additional services for your big day. Forget Google. Ask your local videographer! They’ve been doing this for a while now and know all the local wedding planners, photographers or DJs, and also have shot in many of the local wedding venues and will recommend several – only the best, because we all want to show off! - based on what you want. Ask the local pro - you’ll get a better product in the end.


2. Meet them before you book.

Meeting your potential videographer before you book is important. Meet the person who will shoot your wedding in person, or talk to them on Skype, and ask all the questions you may have. You probably watched all their previous wedding videos already and like them - now it’s time to get a sense of what the person behind all this is like, and how open are they to your demands and suggestions. By the end of the meeting you’ll have pretty good idea whether you want this person or company to be there on your big day.


3. Film Backups


Does the videographer hold on to my videos? What if something awful happens to all my DVDs or my computer where I stored my wedding film? Make sure the videographer has a master file of all the videos he / she has ever shot, or has the video posted on film websites like vimeo or youtube, where you can easily access it. If something unfortunate happens to your copy of the wedding film, or you just want additional thirty DVDs to give to all your aunties, and your videographer still has the footage, hakuna matata, ask away, they’ll be happy to make you more copies!


4. Video vs Photography

You hired a photographer. Yay! Why would you even need a videographer then? Louise, a bride whose wedding we filmed last year worded it wonderfully: “The day came, a beautiful swirl of happiness and emotions, and it went by so fast I wished we could do it once again... Days later, we received our wedding film. How surprised we were when we watched it! It captured moments I personally didn’t even notice happening because I was just so busy being a bride, and it made us re-live that most precious day of our lives!” There are so many beautiful or funny moments that you might miss because you are just so present in the moment, and simply just can’t be everywhere at the same time. A great videographer will capture all the smiles and happy tears you might otherwise not get to see. Pictures remind you of moments, wonderful! But a film brings your wedding day back to life, no matter how many times you watched it.


5. What style of videography do they have?


The most important thing at last! Does your potential wedding videographer make wedding films that are cinematic pieces of art filled with emotions, or does he / she make something more of a documentary? Or a mix of both? Watch their sample videos to see if their style matches what you are looking for - if you like their previous videos, chances are you’ll love yours, too. You don’t want to end up with a cheap-looking lame music video. Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel like you. If you have a specific idea of what your video should look like, ask for it. A good videographer will be open to any suggestions.