Wedding in the Adirondack Mountains

Alyssa and Cameron always knew each other growing up – but always only as neighbors. Years later, on a beautiful summer day, Cameron’s mother says: “Cameron, why don’t you go talk to Alyssa? She’s such a nice girl! And she’s just across the street…” That day, Cameron decided to listen to his mother (yay!). The conversation with Alyssa led up to a dinner date, followed by a movie. Fast forward to only a few weeks ago, we filmed their wedding! Congratulations! Also: thanks mom!

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Alyssa and Cameron got married in a small town of Inlet, New York, surrounded by the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. Alyssa spent her childhood vacations here with her family. It made a perfect wedding location and added ever more nostalgia and emotional memories to the place.

The bride and the groom got ready in separate cabins. They only saw each other for the first time at the ceremony. Alyssa’s brother was the officiant. Many of the guests got teary-eyed as Alyssa and Cameron made their heart-felt vows. During the cocktail hour we were all wooed by amazing views of Fulton Chain Lake.

As it goes with weddings, the day went by in a blink of an eye. The day ended with the most beautiful sunset, as the sun nestled itself into the lake, into the mountains, into many hearts and memories. Good thing we captured it all on our cameras! Watch how we made Alyssa’s and Cameron’s wedding day last forever here.

Having a wedding video, the most beautiful day of your lives will never end. It will melt your heart over and over, every time you watch it.

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