Jacquelyn and Zachary's WEDDING HIGHLIGHT VIDEO

Jacquelyn and Zachary had their reception at the Chateau in Kingston, New York and were married at the Clermont State Historic Site in Germantown, New York. The two met in the firehouse where Zachary was a Volunteer. Zachary asked if Jacquelyn wanted to take a ride in his truck and they were in love ever since.

Client Testimonial 

"My wedding was this past May on the 20th. When I first started to plan my wedding I hesitated and debated if it was important to have a cinematographer for my wedding. I was trying to be aware of my cost and stay within a budget. I finally went with a decision to go with one and the first person I found was Andrew at River Story Weddings. I instantly fell in love with his work and I am so glad I went with Andrew. His attention to detail and the time he put into my highlight video and full video truly show. It represents my husband and I perfectly, and I am so happy I get to relive this perfect day."